Tail Lamp, Double Filament, Red LED, Positive Ground (1142) MG TC exu tail lamps


(TD and TF tail lights use the 1157 type base, these were only common in TC EXU tail lamps).

Direct replacement for 1142 type base, tail lamp bulb, (parallel pins). Two filaments. running light, and stop/blinker filaments. These are RED LEDs, suitable for brake/blinker, stop lights These are POSITIVE Ground LEDs, suitable for POSITIVE Ground cars. Parallel pin tail lights are in TC EXU tail lights, but suitable for any application requiring POSITIVE Ground LEDs with an 1142 base.

(The electrical system of the T-series MG is a very simple and reliable arrangement when maintained properly. It was designed in the 1930's and 1940's to the standard of the times. However, as reliable as it is, we cannot assume it was designed for modern electrical components. Owner modifications to these systems over the ensuing years are also an unknown. Consequently, modification of this system is at the owner's risk and no responsibility is assumed by Abingdon Spares. Our policy is that there are no returns on electrical components, the only exception is components damaged in shipment.)

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