LED Lightboard Tail Lamp, Late TD,TF, Polarity Neutral, Pos or Neg Ground, Set of 2


Custom boards specifically designed for the L488 Lucas tail lamp as used on the Later TDs and TFs. Set of 2 boards, one set does both rear lamps.

These new LEDs are now polarity neutral, they will work with either negative or postive ground cars. We are gradually moving all our LEDs to polarity neutral.

These are not a single LED Bulb, but rather a board with 36 individual LEDs designed to fit into the existing lens.

Extremely bright, has two circuits, one for running light, one for brake/blinker lights. Easily installed, three wires on the back, red is tail light, green for brake/blinker, black for ground. Replaces existing socket. Includes complete installation directions - please follow directions carefully, LEDs are easily damaged, and LEDs are polarity specific.

No returns on LED light boards, if unsure about how to install, please give us a call.

Set of 2 lamps

(Click here for installation tips)

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