Another TC project!

Another TC project!

Some assembly required!


Project TC number 2! This is another unfinished project, but a bit ahead of the first one! It does come with all new paint on the tub, fenders and bonnet, and it rolls. Engine appears to have been rebuilt, but no documentation found yet, sharp eyes may notice something about the XPAG engine. Hopefully this one will go together as it is, I just hope they fitted most of the parts before painting!
Everyone needs a winter project.....

It certainly was wired.....!


Work progressing slowly on project TC number 2. This was a long term restoration project by the previous owner. A lot of the chassis and suspension had been restored in a very detailed and methodical manner. Every part painted (some chromed, jury still out on that...) and assembled on the engine and chassis. A few strange choices by the previous owner, but we are putting it back together as it was for now. There was a very interesting electrical system built up inside (more on that later) but nothing was hooked up to the point we could try to start the car. Our assumptions was the engine had been assembled but never run. We did the usual wake up stuff, oil in the spark plug holes, new points, rotor and condenser, new wires, cap, & coil. A few spins with the starter told us the engine was acting very strange for such a nice looking one. By the detail of the chassis we assumed (and you know what that makes!) the engine was tip top. When we got serious about it not starting, we discovered the timing was off, way off! The timing chain had been installed completely wrong, way off, no compression, blowing back through the carbs, totally messed up. How someone so meticulous could get that so far off will remain a mystery. We are assuming (again) the engine was possibly not assembled by the owner, rather just painted and installed by him? Once the front of the car was disassembled, the timing chain installed properly, and the distributor aligned, it started right up and ran beautiful. We will get back to breaking it in and all that later. Currently we are in the wiring phase. The car as purchased was wired, really wired! (see photos) It did not have a standard wiring harness, rather it was wired in waterproof conduit, running under the dash, out over the bulkhead, and down the chassis to the back. It was a really impressive job, with screw type conduit connectors to junction boxes, rubber seals at all junctions and box covers. It was not wired using any standard wiring colors, but wires were labeled with the number you see in the original wiring diagrams. It had terminal blocks, wire wraps of several types,all routed to blocks and connectors inside other boxes, etc. And the wires, like number 10 or 8 house wiring, so thick they were hard to bend! Everything that was not in conduit was in that black plastic corrugated flexible tubing, sealed with electrical tape and a hose clamp for good measure! They even had made an aluminum shelf under the dash with two radio speakers neatly mounted in it. It appears they were trying to make a perfectly reliable and waterproof wiring system in a TC, where is the fun in that? Unfortunately the size and complexity of it all, and not having a clear understanding of what it all was trying to do, made using this wiring not an option. Not to mention that it did not look anywhere near correct, AND it was in the way of everything, we decided to remove it and install a correct cloth covered wiring harness. Removing took a few days, it was screwed and clipped and zip tied to everything, every few inches. We had to cut it out, pull it out, and remove all the extra clips, ties, etc. 
Now the new harness is installed, the dash assembled and wired in. Some of the dash had been wired, so what worked we left as is and tied it into the new harness. All dash lights, warning lights and rear lights/blinkers are working. As you can see we added the blinker set up from the later TD/TF, we think that is a real safety concern in these cars. As soon as we get the front fenders on we will start on wiring the front of the car. The fuel tank is mounted, and fuel line routed and installed also. To be continued....


Making more progress on the TC project. Rear fenders and tank on, front fenders, bonnet and headlights too. Lots and lots of fiddly adjustments to get the fenders, front shroud, bonnet sides and top into place. These cars were definitely hand built, and when you buy a car in pieces, you do not know if they are all from the same car! Next up the doors, some rear axle work, and start on the brakes. Brakes appear to be in good shape, except for the original master cylinder which will be replaced. Details, details....

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