MG TC Project from a pile of parts!

MG TC Project from a pile of parts!

We are rebuilding an MG TC that we purchased as a literal pile of parts. This was apparently a stalled TC project from many years back. History of this car is unknown at this point, the seller was not in any way interested in the car, it was taking up space in his building and he called us to see if we wanted the car or the parts. The car was COMPLETELY taken apart, but well stored and quite rust free (a bit of surface rust on the frame, but really no major rust on body, fenders, bonnet, etc.) It has a good radiator shell, head light buckets and good windshield, although the glass is cracked. The wood in the tub and the doors appears to be replaces, and a very nice job of it.The only major part missing was the engine block and head, probably sent to a machine shop many, many years ago, and most likely never made its way back to the car. It had 5 wire wheels, the front and rear suspension, brake components, really quite a complete car just missing most of the interior. We are searching  thru many boxes and crates of parts and pieces as we go, of course nothing was marked or labeled, but we are finding even the small parts, brackets, etc. It was really taken down to the last nut and bolt!


 Eventually we had room at the shop to start working on the TC. We took the tub off the frame and started cleaning up the frame. We removed the surface rust and the old paint, tightened up a few bolts and brackets. After painting the frame, we are in the process of installing the the front and rear suspension.


Watch for updates as the project continues!

Here are some recent pictures of the project. The frame is nearly complete, not all tightened up as a few assemblies may have to come back apart. No brake system parts installed yet. We had new front spindles installed in the hubs, newer and stronger (having front wheels self detach can really ruin your day!).The wheels and tires are on, we are using 16" wire wheels and tires on this project for a little different look. The tub is on the frame, again temporarily, but just to check fit, etc. Next we need to install engine and trans in frame, and steering box and column. Making progress! 






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