Cars, Coffee, and lots of Heat!

Cars, Coffee, and lots of Heat!

Abingdon Spares hosted another Cars & Coffee on July 17th. We had a strong turnout of over 30 cars, we were not expecting so many due to the really high temperature and the chance of thundershowers, but the hardy souls that the British Car folks are just kept calm and motored on! We ran out of cold water, but surprisingly with the temperature in the 90's we did not run out of hot coffee this time! We had quite a mixed bag of brits this time, and even one Lamborghini!

Lots of MGs of course, T-types, MGAs, MGBs and a Midget, we had several Triumphs, a Morgan, a Cobra, a Healey 100, two Rolls Royces, and a few more I may have missed. We also had a surprise visit from Wayne Carini who brought his outstanding Austin Mini Countryman.

The high heat and humidity did not dampen folks spirits, although most of us spent  time in what shade we could find! My apologies for running out of bottled water, was not expecting it to get so hot so fast. We will have another cars & coffee later in the summer, and hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler. 

Here are a few photos of the morning.

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