June MG of the Month

June MG of the Month

1967 MGB Roadster of Ira Eckstein of New Jersey

A brief history of the car from the owner...

I've owned the car since April 2014. What you see is what I bought.  Supposedly I am the 4th owner of the car.   I was attracted to it because it didn't have wire wheels and/or minilite style wheels so popular today. I had a 1973 MGB that I bought in 1975 that had wire wheels and they creaked back then. When I found this car I had shyed away from wire wheel cars because of that. When I saw the factory disc wheels I knew I was going to buy the car. Next time I need new tires  I plan to have the wheels widened so I can run a bigger tire.  Somewhere along the way the car obtained a 3 synchro factory overdrive transmission. This is a driver,  I've done 98% of the work the car has needed since I bought it. The car has 129,000 miles on it. In 2015 I took the engine and trans out and replaced engine gaskets and the clutch and pressure plate along with the clutch master cylinder and slave cyclinder along with a new ring gear on the fly wheel. I drive the car  where ever I can and love to drive it long distances as long as it is on mainly country roads. The car has the original floor panels and trunk floor. The engine and trans leak oil but I think that's why it has remained rust free. I added a Bell Big Bore SS exhaust system in 2016 and like to listen to the exhaust note instead of music. Last year I was able to buy rubber sill matts for the interior at a reasonable price and replaced them. When I'm driving the car I'm 25 again and it's almost like I haven't grown up!

Thank you Ira for the photo and the history, great to know you are enjoying the car as it was meant to be.

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