December MG of the Month!

December MG of the Month!

December MG of the Month, 1951 MG TD of John Yuhas, Waterbury, CT

Here is the story of John's Car, in his words.

"A couple of years ago I thought about getting back into my automotive hobby, it’s been years and I enjoy it; so I’d look online for something of interest.  This little car caught my eye and it was close enough for a day trip up to New Hampshire to check it out.  I knew I’d get little resistance from my wife Jane when upon first setting eyes upon it she muttered……… “Isn’t that adorable”.

The back story to the car is that the present owner bought the car from an estate; the previous owner was in the process of restoring the car but passed before finishing it.  I was told it sat in a controlled environment for 10 years……. Well maybe.

It appeared to have good bones but needed some TLC to bring out its beauty.  I took a chance and bought it.   A close friend and I trailered it back home where it sat in my garage filling it with the fine aroma of gas fumes.  Over the last two years I’ve worked from splash pan to splash pan checking over this unknown commodity to ensure it operates safely, completeness of build….it was missing a few items, or parts installed incorrectly, and a few minor upgrades such as oil filter conversion and LED lights.  While combing through the car I unwrapped newspaper from the steering column dated 1983 so it most likely sat for far more than 10 years but it does appear work performed was decent and no major mechanical failures to date, everything works as it should.  Starts right up, idles smoothly and shifts well.

The paint needed to be cut which really transformed the look of the car and some chrome replaced.  Under the bonnet had special attention paid in detailing the compartment.  TDs sport a lot of “jewelry” and under the bonnet it just continues. 

The car’s in the sorting phase now.  I’ve had the opportunity to drive it a number of times, but a few issues remain to be resolved, I can say though..….it’s a hoot to drive.

Good parts availability at a reasonable cost, so much support online, so many good people involved with MGs willing to talk about them, this was a good project to choose."

Thank you John for sharing this beautiful MG with us!

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