Stainless Steel Exhaust System, MGB 75-80 for cars w/o catalytic converter

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Complete MGB Stainless Steel Exhaust System, fits 1975-80 Roadster and GT with a single Stromberg. This is the system to use if you have removed the catalytic converter. This mounts directly to the manifold,  you may need #444-130 the exhaust flange gasket as well. (May not be legal in some areas requiring catalytic converters). Made in England, engineered for exact fit for the MGB and MGBGT as original. Stainless Steel throughout, muffler is .304 stainless and pipes are .409 stainless. Lifetime warranty by Bell against defects. An excellent system at an excellent price.


(If you are new to MGBs, the catalytic converter is connected directly to the exhaust manifold, under the carburetor, it is not under the car)


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