Separable Push Rod with Nut for MG TC master cylinder

This separable push rod allows easier installation of either the standard master cylinder or the new stainless steel replacement. The separable pushrod allows you to install the master cylinder to the frame and brake pipe, connect the brake pedal to the threaded end of the pushrod, and then pin the two halves together, connecting master cylinder to the pedal. If you have ever installed a TC master cylinder, you know how difficult it can be to get the cylinder mounted and the threaded end into the pedal with the original one piece jointed pushrod. This threaded end DOES NOT THREAD into the original pedal threaded hole, it passes thru the hole in the pedal bottom and is locked by a nut on both sides. Click here for more photos (Please note, this separable pushrod can be used with either the original style or the new improved style master cylinder, and is not required for installation of either.) Adjustable. Very high quality. Made in Europe.

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