Premium Wiring Harness,TC, To Car #6639 with Turn Signals


Main Wiring Set for 1946 thru 1948 MG TC's that use the early color coding. Fits chassis numbers 0251 thru 6639. Metal Bulkhead Conduit Included. Since most TCs did not have turn signals this harness is wired for Turn Signals to use the Lucas DB10 Relay. It also is set up to for two taillamps, as you would need two if using turn signals. Manufactured with Cloth Covered Wire, with a Braided Cloth Wrapping. if you are restoring a TC and want turn signals, this is the way to go. You will also need a flasher and a DB10 eight way relay, same as a late TD.

REF 357-030

Headlamp Conduit not indluded, and is sold separately.
Special order, please allow an extra 3-4 days for delivery

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