TD/TF Front Suspension Rubber Kit

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This kit includes all the rubber and polyurethane components to re-do the front suspension of the MG TD or TF. The kit includes superior quality Polyurethane A-Arm Bushings, Rubber Link Seals and Swivel Pin Seals. Also includes a set of steering rack boots with clamps. This kit contains only the components for the front suspension. One kit does one car's front suspension.

Kit contains the following individual parts:

23-049 Steering Coupling bushes (set of 6)

19-068B Polyurethane A-Arm bushings (set of 8)

19-038 Rubber Swivel Pin Seals (set of 4)

19-059 Link Pin Seals (set of 8)

23-028A    Premium Steering Rack Boots (set of 2) with clamps

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