Complete MG TD Restoration Manual, by Horst Schach


The Complete MG TD Restoration Manual
by Horst Schach
The author has restored two TDs of his own, and this manual is based on his restoration of the second one. It is a complete "how to" manual for the MG TD.
The manual is a large 8 1/2 by 11 inch format,  over 200 pages, with over 300 illustrations and diagrams. The 11 chapters cover the frame, the tub wood and metal, the engine and gearbox, general assembly, interior and exterior, and much more. The author has an uncanny ability to break down complicated processes into layman's terms and guide the reader through the restoration process. Although not specific for the TC or TF models, much of the information can be useful in restoring those models as well.
This manual is spiral bound, which allows hands free working when using it.  An excellent reference for anyone restoring or maintaining the MG T-series cars.

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