Vintage look for a modern Oil Filter Adapter!

Vintage look for a modern Oil Filter Adapter!

We decided to upgrade our MG TC to a modern oil filter, using our spin-on adapter for the TC. The TC had already been converted to a updated replaceable cartridge type filter that resembles the original disposable cartridge. It is sold by another supplier…, so we thought we would exchange it for the one Abingdon Spares has for the TC.

The spin-on adapter for the TC is part number 03-089A, the decal is part number 03-089C, the clamp bracket is 03-171, the clamp arms are part 03-174, and a complete set of Copper Washers for the job is part number 03-087.

Here are the step by step photos of the replacement process.

(This is only informational, installation steps may vary depending on the particular car. A test fitting, careful assembly, and testing after installation is recommended.)

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