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The Last Open Road, by Burt Levy
The cult classic original. A coming-of age story about a 19 year old New Jersey gas station mechanic learning about life, love and the joys and perils of motor racing in the Eisenhower fifties. “The flat out fastest, funniest, most true to life racing story ever told.”
This is an excellent book for sports car and vintage racing enthusiasts. The story is filled with interesting characters, the kind of car people we all remember, the good and the not so good ones! Not only is it a great story, but it is the details that make it a truly enjoyable read. The cars and the racing in this story are not treated as filler in this book, the author knows his subject matter first hand. Those who have driven, repaired, raced, and just been involved with sports cars and racing ‘back in the day’ as they say, will recognize the genuine article here. And the experiences of the main characters off the track and out of the garage are as memorable as well. Highly recommended.

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