T-Type Spark Plug Wire setup

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The T-Type workshop manual has a good description of how to make and install a set of ignition wires. Our ignition wire sets have the wire in one piece, easily enough to make a complete set of wires for an … Read More

Installing LED Tail Lamp Boards, Early TD

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The LED board for the early TD tail lamp is installed in place of the original metal socket, directly to the metal socket support plate. Refer to the wiring instructions included with the LED set for connection details. Here are a few … Read More

Sealing up a Fuel Sender

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The fuel tank sender can often be the source of unwanted fuel leaks in the T- series cars. There can be a number of reasons for these leaks, most common ones are due to the failure of the sealing gaskets … Read More

King Pin Seals installation

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We get many inquiries about how the swivel link seals are installed. Here are a few photos of how it all goes together. I used a TD kingpin without the steering arm and spindle, easier to take photos. This is … Read More

Improved part!

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Abingdon Spares has corrected a part that had gradually become available in a non original specification, part # 23-070, the bolt and spacers for the steering column mount to the firewall. The spacers available from other suppliers were not the correct size and … Read More

Lug Nuts, what’s the story?

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MG TDs with steel wheels have two different threads for Lug Nuts and Wheel Studs, depending on the car number. Up through Car 12284 Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts were 16TPI,  Whitworth 7/16 socket From Car 12285, Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts … Read More

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