Dick Knudson, 1930 – 2017

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The Rev. Richard Knudson, known to all in the MG community as Dick Knudson, sadly passed away September 1, 2017.  Dick was an amazing individual, with many varied interests throughout his long life. His list of accomplishments is far to numerous to list here, a distinguished career in academia, author of numerous articles and books, a second career as an ordained minister, as well as world wide respected authority on the MG automobile. As a co-founder of the New England MGT Register, his contributions to the MG T-Type world are immeasurable. There will certainly never be another person with the knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm for the marque as Dick Knudson.

There will be many tributes to the man, I am sure, and I will not attempt to match them here. While I never knew him long enough to call him an old friend, on the several occasions I did meet Dick at the GOFs, he never failed to come over to Martin and I and give us words of encouragement for our business, and thank us for keeping it going. I sometimes wonder if there would ever have been an Abingdon Spares without his influence on the hobby.  He was truly a great gentleman, and I don’t have to tell you all what a loss it is for the MGT community.

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(The photo I took from the Hemmings article)