Abingdon Spares ‘goes west’ to GOF Central, Akron, Ohio

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Abingdon Spares went west to the GOF Central in Akron, Ohio this week. There was a great group of MG Folks out there in Ohio, and a lot of fantastic T-Type cars at their show! Here are some photos of the car show which, because of the weather, was held inside a giant warehouse in Akron.This is the first indoor MG car show I have ever seen, actually worked out fairly well. The only tricky part was getting the cars up the ramp into the warehouse, see the photos, tight fit! Some of the interesting cars included Bob Grunau’s 1935 KN, David Johanson’s 1950 TD with 15,000 original miles, and the 1946 TC of Dave and Kathy Ahrendt that they drove to the show! A great show and great people, thank you to all the members of the Central NEMGTR!