Positive Ground LEDs are here!

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Abingdon Spares now has LED replacement bulbs for Brake Lights, Blinker Lights and Running Lights for Positive Ground MG T-Types

These are Positive Ground, Dual Filament Type, LEDs that fit the tail lamps and front parking lamps of the MG T-types, no modifications needed.

Available in RED for tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers, and in WHITE/AMBER for the wing lamps. We also have the Positive Ground 3-prong flasher for use with LEDs.


No need to switch to negative ground to get the increased safety factor of the much brighter LED Type bulbs!

Click here to order 35-102A RED LED, positive ground, dual filament, staggered pins  (1157)

                               Click here to order 35-103B, WHITE/AMBER LED, positive ground, dual filament, parallel pins, (1142)

Click here to order 35-102B RED LED, positive ground, dual filament, parallel pins, (1142)

                                Click here to order 65-030B, LED Flasher, Positive Ground.

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