The Gilberts visit Abingdon Spares

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Gilberts at ABSP

Scott and Nancy Gilbert and their MG TD, nicked named Sassy Cathy, recently stopped in at Abingdon Spares in Deep River, CT. The staff at Abingdon Spares was thrilled to be visited by such MG Royalty! Scott and Nancy were travelling from Seattle, Washington, participating in a challenge for some other MG parts supplier, (the name has slipped my mind at the moment…..). Scott and Nancy had been charging the TD’s battery nightly as the electrical system was acting up. Abingdon Spares was able to supply the necessary parts (and Tee Shirts) to get them back on their journey. With the parts installed and a few spares added to their inventory, they were headed out to Woodstock, NY for their next stop on that challenge. We are hoping they use the Abingdon sign as their letter A in the challenge, we will have to wait and see!